Meet Our Team

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  • JonErik Germadnik
    General Manager, Regional Safety Leader

    I have a fond memory of when I was 12 and working on my uncle’s farm tending to the fields and livestock. At the time thinking that this job was hard, and did I want to do this all summer! Well as I left school each year in May to work on the farm through the summer, I started to really love what I was doing on the farm. I did this until I was 17 years old and I soon found that the job that I was doing was a benefit to so many people. All the people that would show up at our farmers market stand were so happy to have fresh local produce and when I would greet them, they all would say, “These are the best strawberries I have tasted”
    When I was 16, I started to work as a cook in local restaurants. Because of the love I had for the local farmer and the hard work that went into raising farm produce, I knew that I to could make people great food just like “babba” (our grandmother) did for the whole family on the farm. I would look for products that were fresh and local to the restaurant that I worked in, adding items to the menu as a “chef choice of the day” and the customer loved it. I then moved and worked for a Greek restaurant owner that did not speak English, but knew good food. His family taught me a lot from the old ways. NaNa would show me how to make stuffed grape leaves, red sauce & rice pudding in the basement of the restaurant, those were good times! I then moved again and worked under an Italian chef in his restaurant and again learned many different ways to prepare food. In 1995, I chef friend told me about this company, Bon Appétit, that was possibly opening a café at Grove City College. I interviewed, loved the company, the people and the idea of being part of the dream!
    17 years now with Bon Appétit and I have loved every moment of being part of the Dream!

    (724) 450-4071, (724) 450-4072 [f]
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  • Ryan Trask
    Executive Chef

    Originally I was working on a degree in nuclear engineering at Penn State, The Behrend Campus. It wasn’t what I really wanted and couldn’t dedicate myself to the curriculum. I then found myself looking for a new career path to follow. I started with banquet set-up and started to see what was going on in the kitchens. I thought to myself that it was something I wanted to try, but no one wanted to give me the opportunity to come in as a cook with no experience. I took a position at a small family owned restaurant as a dish washer. I spent any spare time watching the cooks and assisting them any chance I had. I was on the line working with them within a couple months and within a couple years I was taking charge of the kitchen with the owner’s direction.
    I became really good at what I was doing (for the area) and was getting offers from other small establishments to work for them. I had a desire to learn more and wanted to make this my career path. So I went to culinary school. This is where I learned the respect for the food and the culinary artistry that I wanted to do. My education lead me into a career path that allowed me to travel and gain experience from resorts and clubs throughout the south. There was still something missing from what I was doing. I pulled an old recipe notebook out and found a “business plan” for my own restaurant. In those plans laid the foundation for buying local fresh products. I attempted incorporating these plans into some of the clubs I worked at but there was little interest in creating an atmosphere of this type.
    It was time to move on and I received a call from Bon Appétit for the Executive Chef roll at Grove City College. I did my research into the company and found the principles and standards that I have been trying to educate others on. I was actually shocked that a company like this existed in western Pennsylvania. I have been with Bon Appétit now for one year and am looking forward to continuing my career with them.

    724-458-2091 ext 2094

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  • Lynna McNany
    Operations Manager

    I started out in the foodservice industry with a part time job while still attending high school and fell in love with the work. I went on to attend college and still found myself being pulled back to the foodservice industry. So I incorporated my college courses to help me succeed in the industry. I have worked for several different companies over the years, but in 2003 I found myself wanting to work for a company that valued family, great work ethic, team members, sustainability, pride in their product and great customer service. I applied and accepted a position at Bon Appétit at Grove City College and found everything I was looking for. Over the last ten years, I have been a Café Manager, Office Manager and now a Café Operations Manager for Bon Appétit and have enjoyed every day. My grandpa used to say, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”
    I have found that to be true working for Bon Appétit!

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  • Karen Morgan-Windisch
    Catering Manager

    Growing up my family had a huge garden. Daddy and Mum would plant every vegetable known, I swear. I loved working in the garden with them. From holding on to the tiller with Daddy, to planting the seeds and starter plants. Every evening after dinner, we would go weed and water our future harvest. When harvest came, Mum and I would sit on the front porch snapping this, and cleaning that. Mum, my aunts, my sisters and I would work together for endless hours canning and cold packing. My friends thought it was pretty awesome that we would still be eating corn on the cob in the winter months!
    Mum was the greatest cook. Everything was made from scratch. She didn’t like to share her kitchen space, but she saw the eagerness I had to learn her special trade. So she, being the great Mum that she is, shared a lot of her culinary secrets and taught me the science of good old fashioned home cookin’.
    During the school year and when I was old enough to go to work, I worked at a small quaint “mom and pop” diner. I mostly waited tables, but whenever I was asked to assist in the kitchen or on the grill, that is when I felt the most comfortable.
    Once I was out of school and after the college years, I dabbled in other areas of the work force. I always ended up going back to the restaurant work.
    Years later, when I became a Mum myself, I wanted a job that I could be at home with my children when they were home. I ended up getting a job at our local school district, in the foodservice department. Other than having to wear the hairnet, I loved it! I was home when they were and I even was able to spend my summers at home with them. It was the perfect job for a single mum.
    As my children got older, I knew I wanted more than to be a “lunch lady”. So I went to work for another small “mum and pop” business. It was a small deli and catering company that serviced the local Grove City area.
    I immediately fell in love with the catering aspect of the business. All of the beautiful displays and elegant tastes were so new to me. I just wanted to learn more about the entertaining of special events, whether it’s an informal family picnic or a formal wedding reception.
    I soon had applied to Grove City College for Bon Appétit. I worked basically in the kitchen and pantry area for about 2 years. I assisted with some of the catered events on the campus and loved it! Soon I had inquired about what I can do to advance my position. Shortly after, I was promoted to Café Supervisor and then Café Manager. Not quite a year at holding those positions, I was approached about advancing to the Catering Manager.
    I can’t explain how excited I was. I have held the position for 12 years now. I started at one of the busiest times of the year and at first I thought I may have bit off more than I could chew. However, the great family at Bon Appétit never let me let go of my dream. I know that I have the greatest job, for the greatest company in the world. I am proud to be part of the Bon Appétit dream.

    (724) 458-2210

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  • Tracey Germadnik
    Retail Manager

    I have been working in the restaurant industry since I was 16 years old. I’ve enjoyed working in and learning about every aspect of the food service industry, from prepping in the kitchen to serving guests out front! I joined the Bon Appetit at Grove City family in 2006 as a cook in the Gedunk and have enjoyed transitioning into the Retail Manager role.

    (724) 458-3376